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FMA Osłona soczewek do AN/PVS18 Black

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FMA Osłona soczewek do AN/PVS18 Black TB1207


Manufacturer: FMA

Color: black/sandy/gray.

Material: ABS.

Weight: 1100 g

Head circumference: reference range: M/L applicable head circumference 54-57;S/M for head circumference 52-55cm.

Packing size: 30*16.5*23.5.

Description: weight plate thickened seal helmet.

1. The helmet subject is made of high quality injection molding technology, which has the function of lightweight shock absorption and absorbing impact energy, which is the foundation of the reliability of the whole helmet system.Upgrade to 7mm thickness, weight helmet, reliable thickness.

2. The multi-function transfer base (metal cuttlefish dry) can install the adapter to fix the attached equipment such as headlamp, camera, night vision and so on.

3, attachment guide rail connection system, when using, through parts of the pickup truck, statins adapter, load transfer notice other equipment such as night-vision goggles rotating clamps (such as headlights, flashlights, goggles, communications equipment, masks, cameras and other accessories)

Four, adjust the suspension system, through the knob to adjust the way of twisting knobs, can tighten the head space, lock head strap, convenient adjustment lock (upgraded suspension system function of PS old suspension system can't lock).The stability of the helmet is suitable to make the wearer feel less loose when worn.

Five, high tenacity, Velcro, magic stick can be equipped with Velcro personality according to the demand and the IR lamp accessories, such as all-round multi-angle Velcro can make your parts where needed, can match the helmet use, more personality.

6. Gasket suspension system, the material used is polypropylene foam, and the surface of contact with the head adopts advanced cotton pad material.Pad suspension includes (forehead pad, back cushion, top front, back liner, side pad and occ-dial adjustment pad)

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